Hieeee. I’m Tessa, I bake things and bring them to the
St Marys Golf and Country Club every weekend.
I can also supply personalized batches of treats to your home/belly
upon request! (pick up or local delivery in st marys or stratford only… and occasionally burlington if the timing works out right ♥)


Not an expert by any means, my skillzzzz lie somewhere between GBBO and Nailed It…probably closer to Nailed It.

Trying my best and sharing the wins and the fails with you here.

Interests include chocolate, caramel, sprinkles, making birthday cakes, reruns of friends, mean girls quotes, small towns, small businesses, and coffee…all of the coffee.


me, getting my third coffee of the day from a small business in a small town because i’m … hashtag living my best life

Thanks for reading!

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